Manuel Ochoa is an engineer, entrepreneur, and technology consultant specializing in emerging flexible, hybrid and bio-inspired platforms for medical and environmental applications. His doctoral research focused on the development of low-cost, scalable, multifunctional, microsystem platforms for medical applications, with special emphasis on transdermal delivery of therapeutics and the treatment of chronic dermal wounds. As a post-doctoral researcher, he worked on the scalability and commercial viability of flexible medical systems that leverage the emerging flexible hybrid electronics ecosystem. During his graduate and post-graduate career, he has co-authored over 60 publications in world renowned journals and international conferences as well as a book chapter. He has also mentored multiple undergraduate student researchers and two master’s students (during their thesis work), and he has led research teams on multi-institutional research endeavors focusing on the development of scalable manufacturing processes for next-generation wound dressings (NSF EFRI BioFlex and NextFlex PC 1.0). More recently, Dr. Ochoa served at startup company SmartGait LLC as the principal investigator for a Phase I SBIR award, where he focused on R&D and business development for translation of an electronic healthcare device from the lab to the end users. He is also heading the engineering aspects at an advanced wound dressing startup, Mednoxa, Inc.